Authentiq for WordPress-WSL The safe and easy passwordless alternative to two-step verification.

UPDATE: There is a standalone WordPress plugin by Authentiq now, check it out here.

We just released an integration for WordPress, enabling smooth and safe authentication for more than 25% of the web. Learn here how to set it up in minutes.

Who should use this?

There are many reasons to use Authentiq with WordPress, some important ones being:

  • You are looking for a safe 2FA solution that just works out of the box for everyone.
  • You like the convenience, but not the privacy aspects, of a social login button.
  • You were using the Clef solution, which was discontinued recently.

Built on the shoulders of the popular WordPress Social Login plugin, Authentiq on WordPress is super easy to try and works seamlessly next to other login providers.

Install WordPress Social Login

“WordPress Social Login allow your website readers and customers to register on using their existing social accounts IDs, eliminating the need to fill out registration forms and remember usernames and passwords.”

Support for Authentiq has been included in WordPress Social Login, and will be released via the WordPress plugin manager soon. Until then, please download this archive and upload it to your WordPress installation via Settings -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

Upload WordPress Social Login

Select the downloaded file and press Install Now.

Enable Authentiq as a Provider

Once WordPress Social Login is installed, browse to the WP Social Login settings page.

WordPress Social Login settings page

And enable Authentiq by clicking the Authentiq icon in the Add more providers section.

Enable Authentiq in WordPress Social Login

A new section for Authentiq is now visible, guiding you through the remaining steps. Make a note of the Redirect URL that is displayed in the instructions.

Redirect URL

Register your application

Browse to the Authentiq Dashboard to register your website as a Server application and obtain a Client ID and Secret.

Authentiq create client

Paste the Redirect URL obtained from the WordPress Settings page above into the appropriate field.

Optionally fill in the Product Logo field to brand the authentication screen with your logo.

Configure Authentiq

Back on your WordPress site, paste your Authentiq credentials into the corresponding fields.

Authentiq settings

What’s next?

Congratulations! You can now try your first sign-in with Authentiq ID.

WordPress login screen

Press the Authentiq icon below the WordPress login form and sign in with your Authentiq ID. Don’t have Authentiq ID yet? Just press Download app while signing in.

Tell your users

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