No more passwords - Authentiq for WordPress Safe and easy passwordless login to WP for your users.

The Authentiq plugin for WordPress recently got published in the WordPress directory, featuring smooth and safe authentication for more than 25% of the web. Learn here how to set it up in minutes.

Who should use this?

This plugin is for WordPress admins that are interested in moving beyond username and passwords and cumbersome registrations:

  • You want to grant your users a great UX signing in, checking out (WooCommerce), and even signing up to your site.
  • You are looking for a safe 2FA solution that just works out of the box.
  • You like the convenience, but not the privacy aspects, of a social login button.
  • You were using a solution like Clef, which was discontinued recently.

The Authentiq service is free (for most use cases) and does not store any user data centrally, but in the Authentiq ID app on the user’s phone instead.


“Authentiq for WordPress allow your website readers and customers to register using their mobile Authentiq ID, eliminating the need to fill out registration forms and remember usernames and passwords.”

Easy installation and configuration in minutes, with many convenient features for you and your visitors:

  • Use Authentiq as a convenience method to sign in (and sign up) using your mobile phone to identify oneself.
  • Configure Authentiq as a secure sign in method replacing one time passwords (TOTP) or hardware tokens, with option to still accept accounts with classic username & password.
  • On every sign in, the profile information is explicitly shared by the Authentiq ID app, thus keeping the WordPress profile up to date on every sign in.
  • Visitors to your site that already have the Authentiq ID app installed can simply sign up by scanning a QR code or typing their email address and confirm on their phone.
  • Remote sign out: your users can sign out with their Authentiq ID app, even when they left their session signed in and unattended on another computer.
  • Block users by (verified) email domain, or limit access to specific domains.
  • Optionally request social accounts, address, and (verified) phone numbers too.
  • Existing users can activate Authentiq in their profile page for convenience or additional security.
  • (WooCommerce) sites make the checkout process even more frictionless for Authentiq users.

Install Authentiq for WordPress

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type ‘Authentiq’ and click Search Plugins, and once you found it, install by simply clicking ‘Install Now’.

A new section for Authentiq is now visible, guiding you through the remaining steps. Make a note of the Redirect URI that is displayed in the instructions.

Register your application

Browse to the Authentiq Dashboard to register your website as a Server application and obtain a Client ID and Secret.

Authentiq create client

Paste the Redirect URIs obtained from the WordPress Settings page above into the appropriate field.

In a similar fashion, paste the Backchannel Logout URL obtained from the WordPress Settings page above into the appropriate field.

Optionally fill in the Product Logo field to brand the authentication screen with your logo.

Configure Authentiq

Back on your WordPress site, paste your Authentiq credentials into the corresponding fields.

Authentiq settings

What’s next?

Congratulations! You can now experience your first sign-in with Authentiq ID.

WordPress login screen

Press the Authentiq button to sign in with your Authentiq ID. Don’t have Authentiq ID yet? Just press Download app while signing in.

Add Authentiq to WordPress

Tell your users

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