Authentiq Connect

Add multi-factor and passwordless authentication to your site today


Add secure authentication options to any website or application. Easy and without headaches. Authentiq Connect lets users decide when to step up their security, and whether to use a second factor like TOTP (e.g. Google Authenticator) or U2F (e.g. Yubikey), or go passwordless with Authentiq ID right away.

Authentiq Connect is compatible with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect; getting started is as simple as adding a social network button to a site.

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  • Multi-factor authentication standards
  • Includes passwordless authentication
  • Compatible with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
  • Verified profiles, no 3rd party logging
  • Add employee IDs, loyalty cards, ...
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Authentiq ID

The mobile identity people love


The passwordless experience you want without the lock-in. Authentiq ID simply allows you to use your phone to authenticate to things online, share your identity details safely, and sign out again remotely. It also supersedes Google Authenticator by supporting more secure TOTP authentication, making it a one-stop-app for everyone interested in moving beyond username and password.

  • Sign in without a password, just your fingerprint
  • Sign out again, remotely too
  • Your identity securely stored on your phone
  • Supports two-step (2FA) verification
  • Optional cloud backup with strong encryption
  • Apple iOS & Watch, Android*, Android Wear