Authentiq for ForgeRock Use Authentiq ID in your existing enterprise infrastructure.

By partnering with ForgeRock, Authentiq recently made a leap into the enterprise Identity & Access Management (IAM) market.

ForgeRock logo

As a direct result we are now launching our first integration for the ForgeRock Identity Platform: A passwordless authentication node that lets your business use Authentiq ID as a unified app for passwordless authentication and 2FA / TOTP management.

Getting started

To start using Authentiq, simply head over to the ForgeRock marketplace and follow the instructions to create a new Authentication Tree.

An example authentication tree in ForgeRock

Of course you can also find the integration’s source code, latest releases and installation instructions on GitHub.

Add Authentiq to ForgeRock

What’s next?

Happy? Tell your users how you plan to use Authentiq and ForgeRock together!

Hacky? Check out the integration’s source code and open a PR.

Not sure yet? Open a ticket on GitHub or let us know about your experience by email.

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